D&W Diesel doubles headquarters' square footage

D&W Diesel

is building a new 55,000 square foot (5,100 m2) addition to the production and distribution center. The US company is a distributor, manufacturer and remanufacturer of diesel and petrol engine components, industrial products, tank truck equipment, hose, fittings and assemblies. This is the fourth expansion for the corporate headquarters located in Auburn, NY (USA) in the 35 years that D&W Diesel has been in business.

The new building doubles the total square footage of the Auburn facility. The addition will house a new, high-density inventory storage system for its $12 million of inventory. The distribution center will be supported by a newly implemented Warehouse Management System, completely bar‐coding all inventory and rack locations for increased accuracy and efficiency. D&W is also expanding production facilities to accommodate its rapidly growing remanufacturing business. D&W Diesel says it expects to add over 25 new positions over the next 3 years at the Auburn location.

The expansion is expected to be completed in the late spring of 2012.