Superior Transmission Parts lends builders a (third) hand

The advantage to having an adjustable overdrive band servo pin is obvious to transmission rebuilders when the question asked is "How can I take up some of the 'slop' of the overdrive band".
Especially when drums are changed, turned or remanufactured or replaced with outside diameter differences in manufacturing - or for that matter, differences in the bands themselves. Now Superior Transmission Parts (Tallahassee, Florida USA) also lends builders an extra hand when installing the pin with their new band support tool, the 'Jimmy Clip'.
The Jimmy Clip is like a third hand when it comes to removal and installation of any Ford AOD-E, 4R70W/E or 4R75E/W overdrive band servo piston, says Superior: "Simply insert the Jimmy Clip into the opening of the casting next to the overdrive band servo, and it will hold the band in place while you switch the pin for adjustment, servo replacement or servo upgrade."

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